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The Story and the FAQs

Who am I and why am I doing this? 

I'm a 40-something, AuDHD, nerdy wife and mother of teens. I love colorful sneakers, graphic tees, pets, and Doctor Who!  Oh, and spreadsheets! I love spreadsheets! And notebooks! And dark chocolate! Mmkay, enough about me.  


I did a LOT of things before doing this. I was an actress, an editor, I worked for a well-known New England coffee chain, worked retail, and was an administrative badass. I was good at all of those things, and some of those things, I really loved doing. 

Learning that I was neurodivergent was a big deal to me. My mixed-up puzzle of a brain made sense. My need for structure, and my struggle to get it made sense! I began to develop ways to give myself the structure that I needed, and I began learning about all the different ways people manage the STUFF in their lives. We are fascinating and varied. 

I know how overwhelming mess can be. I know that it can cause depression, anxiety. It can keep you from moving forward, it can keep you from doing the things you love, or at the very can trip and fall over your crap. I figured out how to do what I need a long time ago, and now, I can help others figure it out for themselves. 

You have the space. We can find it together. 


Q: What days are you available?

Well, that depends. As of right now, the only days that are an absolute NO are Sundays, Because I promised my kids, I wouldn't. Other than that, I am flexible. 

Q: How does your pricing work?

A: It's all hourly. What you see on the pages are the "at least" amounts. However, if you book something with me, and it seems like it's a super big project, and you may not have a super big budget, I will work with you to find out something that you can afford. Money should not be a requirement of being organized (having said that, I have to charge, because I gotta eat.)


If we meet, and talk about a project, and you end up booking a few hours/days/week of my time, I'll take an hour off for "talking." If we talk, and you decide not to book, I will bill you for one hour. Answering an email doesn't count as "talking" so no worries about asking me a question via email. :)

Also, if you are far away, there will need to be mileage reimbursement. See below. 

Q: What town will you work in? I don't think I live near you.

A: There's a page: Where I Go. It's got a list of towns that I will drive to without a mileage charge. After that distance, it's .17 per mile (as of 12/2023.) Scroll up to the top and you'll see the list. 

Q: Is there anything you won't work with?

A: I live with someone immunocompromised. I need to be careful. If there is any risk that you have a bio-hazard in your home (let's say you need help organizing a basement) I might not be able to do that (unless you know there's no mold spores floating around.) I'm not a professional cleaner. 

Regarding your stuff: There are a lot of things that people collect that they may worry about being judged for. Odds are you don't have to worry about me judging you. I'm kinda weird. If you're into weird stuff, I don't care. Now, if you're into stuff that is actively harmful and prejudiced against another group of people? I am not the person you want to hire. Let's just not make it uncomfortable for either of us. 

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