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Where I Go:

I will go to almost any place in the world. I am terrified of Space travel, despite my love of Doctor Who and the Stars Wars and Trek. However, I can't afford to go to every place on my own dime. 

Below is a list of towns that I will go to with no additional mileage charge (the list is alphabetical.) If you don't see your town listed, but you know that it's right next to a town on this list? I probably go there for no additional charge.


Acorn Acres, NH

Admiralty Village, ME

Amesbury, MA

Atkinson Heights, NH

Atlantic Heights, NH

Atlantic, NH

Baglett Grove, NH

Bayside, NH

Bean Island, NH

Bedell Crossing, ME

Beech Ridge, ME

Blackwater, NH

Bradford, MA

Brentwood, NH

Byfield, MA

Cable Road, NH

Cain Crest Trailer Park, ME

Canobie Lake, NH

Cedar Waters, NH

Cemetery Corner, NH

Chases Grove, NH

Chester, NH

Collettes Grove, NH

Colonial Pines, NH

Conleys Grove, NH

Cowbell Corners, NH

Crams Corner, ME

Crane Crossing, NH

Creek Area, NH

Cutts Island, ME

Danville, NH

Deerfield Parade, NH

Derry Village, NH

Dover, NH

Durham, NH

East Barrington, NH

East Candia, NH

East Derry, NH

East Eliot, ME

East Kingston, NH

Eastman Corners, NH

Elwyn Park, NH

Exeter, NH

Fairhill Manor, NH

Fogg Corners, NH

Foundry, NH

Four Corners, NH

Fremont Station, NH

Fremont, NH

Gates Corner, NH

Glenmere Village, NH

Gosport, NH

Gould Corner, ME

Great Boars Head, NH

Green Acre, ME

Greenland, NH

Groveland, MA

Hampstead, NH

Hampton Beach, NH

Hampton Falls, NH

Hampton, NH

Haverhill, MA

Highlands, MA

Howards Grove, NH

Hubbard, NH

James City, NH

Joppa, MA

Kennard Corner, ME

Kent Corner, MA

Kittery, ME

Langs Corner, NH

Lee, NH

Little Boars Head, NH

Madbury, NH

Maple Park, MA

Maplehaven, NH

Marlboro, MA

Meadowbrook, NH

Merrimac, MA

Merrimacport, MA

Millville, NH

Monahan Corners, NH

Nason Corners, NH

New Castle, NH

Newbury Old Town, MA

Newburyport, MA

Newington, NH

Newton Junction, NH

Newton, NH

North Chester, NH

North Danville, NH

North Epping, NH

North Hampton, NH

North Nottingham, NH

North Salem, NH

Nottingham, NH

Oak Terrace, ME

Pannaway Manor, NH

Pine Island, MA

Plaice Cove, NH

Plaistow, NH

Plum Island, MA

Portsmouth Plains, NH

Powwow River, NH

Puddle Dock, NH

Raymond, NH

Remick Corners, ME

Rings Island, MA

Riverside, MA

Riverside, NH

Rockingham, NH

Rocks Village, MA

Rooty Plain, MA

Rosemont, MA

Rye Beach, NH

Rye, NH

Salem Depot, NH

Salem, NH

Salisbury Plains, MA

Salisbury Point, MA

Salisbury, MA

Sandown, NH

Sargent Corners, NH

Seavey Island, ME

Shaws Hill, NH

Shepherds Hill, ME

Smith Corner, NH

South Byfield, MA

South Danville, NH

South Eliot, ME

South Hampton, NH

South Kingston, NH

South Lee, NH

South Seabrook, NH

Stratham, NH

Tappan Corners, NH

Tobeys Corner, ME

Towles Corner, NH

Tozier Corner, MA

Upper Green, MA

Walton Landing, NH

Weare Corner, NH

Weares Mill, NH

West Epping, NH

West Newbury, MA

West Nottingham, NH

West Parish, MA

Westville, NH

York Corner, ME

York Heights, ME

Yes, it's long.


Now, if you live in the towns below (or further away) there will be a mileage charge of .20/mile.

Andover, MA

Barnstead, NH

Bass Rocks, MA

Beverly Cove, MA

Beverly Farms, MA

Beverly, MA

Boxford Station, MA

Boxford, MA

Boyd Corner, ME

Center Lebanon, ME

Chelmsford Center, MA

Chichester, NH

Clay Hill, ME

Danversport, MA

East Gloucester, MA

East Rochester, NH

Five Pound Island, MA

Foster Corners, NH

Freshwater Cove Village, MA

Hamilton, MA

Hayes Corner, NH

Highpine, ME

Hooks Crossing, NH

Kelleys Corner, NH

Kettle Cove Village, MA

Kinsman Corner, MA

Lands End, MA

Leavitts Hill, NH

Londonderry, NH

Manchester, MA

Marble Ridge Station, MA

Marsh Corner, MA

Marston Corners, MA

Martins Corner, NH

Massabesic, NH

Meaderboro Corner, NH

Merrill Corners, NH

Milton, NH

Mount Vernon Park, MA

Nancys Corner, MA

North Berwick, ME

North Londonderry, NH

North Pelham, NH

Northwood Narrows, NH

Northwood Ridge, NH

Oaklands, MA

Pawtucketville, MA

Pine Hill, ME

Pittsfield, NH

Prides Crossing, MA

Rial Side, MA

Rochester, NH

Rocky Neck, MA

Saywards Corner, ME

Shawsheen Heights, MA

Shawsheen Village, MA

Somersworth, NH

South Bow, NH

South Hooksett, NH

South Lawrence, MA

South Lebanon, ME

Strafford Corner, NH

Tapleyville, MA*

Tatnic, ME

Tewksbury, MA

Topsfield, MA

Varney Crossing, ME

Wells Beach Station, ME

Wells Beach, ME

Wells, ME

West Andover, MA

West Boxford, MA

West Manchester, MA

West Village, MA

West Windham, NH

Woodland Park, NH

York Cliffs, ME

If you're looking at this list and you live even further away, but still in New England? Assume the thing about the .20 per mile applies to you, because it does. 

If you are looking at this list and you don't live in New England? Eh. I went to Wisconsin because a client paid for my airfare and I had a place to stay, so if it really is me you want, I'm willing to discus it. I have family and friends in many parts of the US that I can stay with if you can afford to get me to you. This is when you should fill out a contact form (here) and ask. 

Here's hoping we can work together!


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