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Shame: Part 1

The text:

Folks, there is something we need to talk about. I realized I had to make a video of this, when a woman I gave a business card to tilted her head and said to me

“I don’t know if I could have anyone come and organize my house…I’m ashamed.”

We’re not going to talk about the mess today. We’re going to address the shame.

I don’t care how messy your house is. You do not have to be ashamed.

I’m not trying to invalidate your feelings. I get it, I know that if you feel this way it is probably crushing you, and It is leeching over to other parts of your life and your family and your friends and your loved ones.

You can let go of that.

Shame never helps anything. It only ever makes things worse.

If you, like this woman, are not seeking help for something, out of shame, then how will the people that care about you, or the people that have the tools to help you? How are they going to know that you need help? Because it’s not always obvious.

I am not saying this so you hire me. I’m not saying this so you hire any organizer. I’m saying this so you understand that every person who does what I do understands this. And none of us want you to feel that shame.

Absolutely no one is judging you.

Every professional organizer got into it for various reasons, but above all else, we don’t want anyone to feel ashamed. Your home should make you feel peaceful and happy. Whatever that looks like: Messy, tidy, something in between.

It’s your space.

It does not belong to shame.


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