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Shame: Part 2

This is also the post announcing my YouTube page!

No one lives in the After. #beforeafter

I am a massive fan of Marie Kondo, Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit, and Hello Simplified, and all the other gorgeous organizers on social media!

There’s a reason they have the followers they do. They are fantastic!

They do what they do for the same reason that I do what I do. We want to help people get better at managing their stuff and their spaces.

Social Media has been a fantastic tool for this business. People can see what we do. Befores and afters photos: Easiest way to show potential clients that we produce results, right?


Except not enough people are looking at the BEFORE pictures and saying “Yay, that’s me! A regular person!”

They look at the after pictures and say “My home doesn’t look like that! Wah! I SUCK!”

But that’s the AFTER.

The after photos are taken AFTER professional organizers. AFTER good lighting. AFTER dusting! Dusting!

Nobody lives in the AFTER. We’re either in the BEFORE, or most of us live in the DURING.

If we do get to the AFTER, it’s going to last for about five minutes before we get right back to the DURING (or even back to the BEFORE.)

So don’t compare yourself to the AFTER, because that’s just going to pile on more shame!

Coming up end of June! The final installment re: Capitalism and Shame!


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