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Attic Organization: Before you even start

  1. Learn from my mistakes! Don't do this in the Summer! Oh my word, so I wish I had chosen another time of year to do this! It's hot as ---- in this attic! It's like the ------- ----- of -----!

  2. If you have no other time of year when you can organize your attic, or if you live in a place where it's always hot, yet fans and bring lots and lots of water or sports drinks.

  3. Sketch out your attic.

  • Think of what you might need the most access to, what you need the least access to, and what you would have the most difficulty moving.

  • Do you already know what's in there? Do you have no idea?

  • Do you need to plan for more things to go in there?

  • Think of your attic like any other room in your house. Give it zones.

The day(s) you work on it:

  1. Cover your head. Your head will get gross. Cover your nose and mouth. You will inhale some dirt if you don't.

  2. Do not have bare feet! I suggest sneakers or boots. I wore crocs.

  3. You may also want eye protection. If not, get some eye drops. Dirt will go everywhere.

Supplies to have on hand: Definitely

  • trash bags (for trash)

  • empty boxes (or more trash bags: these are for donations)

  • sheets of paper (like notebook paper)

  • tape (Packaging or Duct: Both is good)

  • permanent marker

  • a pencil (you want something erasable to write with just in case)

  • a broom and a dustpan.

Supplies to have on hand: Even better

  • A few weathertight bins. Don't buy more until you know what's definitely going back in. Odds are, at least something is going back, though. Start with 2 or 3.

  • A label maker OR masking tape (writing on that with a sharpie can work as removable labels.) There are so many good label makers on the market. This is my favorite because it's so easy and not fancy: Brother P-Touch, PTH110: $29.99 at amazon.

  • Plastic sleeves for box inventory (like these: letter sheet protectors: $8.99 for 100 at Target)

  • Dropcloths. There may be large items that need to stay in the attic that will need to be wrapped up for their protection.

So much of the work starts before you even get in there!

But you can do it!


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