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The Attic: Days 1-3 Update

Day 1: Treasure

Hey everyone! I don’t think my attic is sick, it’s just dust and dirt and gross. So, day one of my cleaning out the attic, and a lot of it has been moving stuff out. There was a big box that I knew was up there, but I sorta kinda forgot.

My grandmother’s almost 100 years old, but when she was 10, she got really sick, and she was in bed for a couple of months, and all she could do was read. And my grandmother loved to read (she still does.) She’s the one who taught me to love murder mysteries, well, mystery books in general. There are all of these books from…so this is from Carolyn Keene. If you thought Carolyn Keene was a real person, you’re wrong. Either that or she’s ridonculously old. This book is dated 1930, and they were new when my grandmother got them! Isn’t that amazing. This box is almost entirely full of them…

but what else was in this…there was a short story that I wrote. I thought I had lost it, and it was something I was really proud of. I thought I had backed it up, and I discovered a year ago that I had not backed it up. I was devastated, and I couldn’t find any copies of it.

I just found a copy of it right here!

So, um. I honestly don’t care what else I get done today, because I just unearthed a whole bunch of my grandmother’s mystery books that I know I want to use somehow in my house, so that my daughter (who is at a perfect age for them) can now appreciate them. This story is older than my kids. It’s still, I think, one of the best things that I have ever written.

All right!

Day 2: Trash

Progress is being made. That’s how much trash - in the blue bags that I’m getting rid of. I don’t like sending things to the dump, but unfortunately not everything can be recycled or reused.

Day 3: Tired

These things that you see? There’s a lot of empty cardboard. That big Frigidaire box? That’s empty. These will all go in the recycling on Wednesday night. I think a lot of those smaller boxes will be condensed, because I was able to get a big, empty Rubbermaid tote, and I think I might move the things in those smaller cardboard boxes into the big Rubbermaid tote.

Okay, I’m exhausted. It’s 9’o’clock at night. Good night everybody.

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