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Coming Attractions

Last line: Okay, I'm out!

This July, SPACE! with Kate productions present "Kate vs. Attic" a terrifying tale of one woman and a gross attic.

Last Fall, the roof was replaced. Now, she is haunted by all that remains under layers of dirt and dead bugs.

While my kids are spending a week with my folks, I am going through the attic, cleaning it out, figuring out what we can donate, what needs to be recycled or thrown away, what should go somewhere other than the attic, and lastly, what needs to go back, but needs re-organizing.

I'll be taking breaks to talk about how I do what I do.

Join me. Sort of.

Actually, if there's anyone who wants to PHYSICALLY join me for an hour or so that would be AMAZING. There are two things in particular that I could use an extra set of hands with.

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