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The Family Board!*

*formerly "Mornings": This has a new video.

All over the internet and the social media you are going to see slick and pretty "Family Command Center" things that you can buy. I really hate the commercials for some of them.

No one needs a lot of the things that come with them. You probably already know what your family needs.

Kids can do a lot more than we think. Routine can help. And routines are hard to stick with. But, things like this help routines stick, and routines help kids get more independent. That will help everyone in the mornings (and afternoons, and evenings.)

Figure out what your kids can do. That's why this needs to be adaptable. Maybe it's too much for your kid to do homework after dinner. Maybe their brain is just too tired. Maybe you need to do as much as possible to get ready the night before, and set aside homework time in the morning. (This ended up working for my daughter. Would not have worked for me as a teenager.) Maybe, chores need to be switched around to specific days, instead of do a little something every day.

BTW: What I talk about in this video? That I did with a giant cork board? I only did that because the board was free. I really LOVE the idea of thrifting a bunch of cookie sheets and using magnets instead of thumbtacks! Because, unlike thumbtacks, your partner won't yelp in agony if you drop a magnet and they step on it**.

**Again, Babe: So sorry.

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