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Outdoor Summer Kit! With stuff you have lying around!

The only time I had to record this video was the other morning before the rest of my family woke up. Messy hair, no mascara. Still did it.

The other day, the women of The Home Edit posted an ad (that’s what it was: an advertisement for their organizing products) about a genius idea for your kids. A Summer Cart with the things they need to play outside.

The comments were full of people complaining (fairly) that 1. it was expensive and 2. it was so much plastic.

There’s a way you can take that great idea and adapt it to use stuff you probably already have around your home. While it’s not “plastic free.” It’s not really buying any more plastic than you've got.

Here's what you'd need:

The container: A big, insulated cooler. Doesn’t roll like a cart, but they can carry it. Throw in some ice packs, and they can put their water bottles, juice boxes, etc. in it.

Compartments: You know those cheap plastic cups you get at birthday parties or sporting events? I have a lot of those! We use them to portion snacks, like popcorn and chips, but they’re also great to keep bottles of bug repellent and tubes of sunblock from knocking around. Also, they’ll keep the pieces of sidewalk chalk from breaking!

You can use the remaining space in the cooler for the bubbles and (this is where I 100% agree with The Home Edit’s product placement, btw.) the Welly bandages.

Welly bandages heckin’ rule! They’re fun and colorful, they come in reusable tins, and the packs always have multiple sizes.

We get ours every few months from Grove. Here’s a referral code you can copypasta to get a free gift with your first purchase if you want!

Anyway, the great thing about using a big old cooler like this is the lid! When the kids are done, they can snap the lid on the bin, and leave it outside for a bit. If it rains, it’s not a huge deal.

Have a great Summer Guys, Gals, and Non-Binary Pals!

And yes...there was a special guest in this video...the one family member who woke up...

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