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Shoeboxes & Duct Tape (because iMovie doesn’t do captions, apparently?)

Well, that was a learning experience! I’m going to make the rest of my videos on something else going forward, fyi. Or, I will have a typed-out script that I work from.

In case you are not able to hear the video, here are the big notes:

What I’m doing: Making an organizer for clothing drawers!


  • Shoeboxes

  • Colorful duct tape (or washi tape, or plain clear tape and stickers)

  • Scissors

  • Ruler

Step 1. Measure

I do not recommend eyeballing it. I once bought a drawer organizer for a kitchen drawer after “eyeballing.” Because all kitchen drawers are the same depth, right? Nope. My kitchen drawer was a tiny fraction of an inch shallower than the thick wooden drawer organizer that I bought. That showed me!

Step 2. Cut the shoeboxes to fit

This is the part where you...cut the shoeboxes to fit. It's why you measured. I guess you figured that out. Because you're wicked smart.

Step 3. TAPE

You definitely want to put tape around the box edges that you cut, because cardboard cuts can hurt.

Also, I used “colorful duct tape” in this video, but you can use packaging tape, washi tape, (in a later video I am going do things with removable wallpaper) anything that will stick boxes together. If this is for a small human, you can use plain packing tape for the shaping, and then give them stickers! Involve the small people in the organizing!

Step 4. Into the drawers they go

I taped two boxes together for stability and left one small one separate so the drawer’s owner could figure out the configuration.

Money and Time:

Start to finish, this took me 12 minutes (but no one interrupted me.)

I already owned the tape, and the boxes were free from my local Target (sometimes they have shoeboxes without lids that get left behind, and they may give you a few if you ask nicely.)

If you were to pay for two rolls of duct tape, the ones I had will run you $3.95 each. Let’s aim high and say you’re going to need more, or it costs more where you live.

Money: Estimate $10.00 for cost

Time: Estimate 30 minutes in case you experience interruptions

If I bought a drawer organizer in a store, it could run me anywhere from $10.00 to $50.00.

Just remember to ask yourself what resource you have a little more of: time or money?

If you know that, we can always find something that will work with your space.


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